Everything You Need to Start a Successful Podcast

If you’re in the real estate game and you know having a podcast would be pivotal for your business but don’t know where to get started, you’re in the right place. Business owners should be focussing on one thing – building their business! In other words, you don’t have the time to learn all the nuances of creating a great podcast, but you DO need one.

The good news is you don’t have to get stuck in analysis paralysis, you don’t have to spend your valuable time on education, and you don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars on equipment or coaching. Everything you need is in one box.

Podboxx is the solution to the fears and uncertainty around starting your own podcast.

We thought of everything you could ever need to get your content out there and look slick in the process. From an audio set up to your very own production team; you'll have nothing left to hold you back from the perfect platform for your content.

The time to start a podcast is now, and after Podboxx, you'll sound like you've been at it for years.


So Much Value — You'll Wonder How We Fit it All into One Box.

The Search for the 'Right Mic' Ends Here
In the box is the latest and greatest mic used by thousands of professionals, giving you the 'worry free' quality you need to get started right away.

Once you get set up. you'll sound like a professional. Listen to this example and hear for yourself!

You will receive:
  • Professional Mic - $230
  • Boom Arm - $80
  • Pop Filter - $12
  • Noise-Cancelling Headphones - $300
  • All Cable Attachments - $100
A $720 value for only $497 with so much more than just a mic set inside.
No Research Binges or 30-Day Masterclass Needed

Want to get educated without getting lost in ‘YouTube University?’ To get you started up, you’ll get “The Easiest Way to Start a Podcast” – Launch Book to give you everything you need to know in a quick one-hour read. We’ve condensed years of curated knowledge and experience into a bite size form by trimming the fat and leaving you with a no-nonsense guide to podcasting success.

Get a Killer Intro and Outro You'll be Remembered For

Want to sound like Joe Rogan or Ryan Serhant? If their content is the steak, then their intro and outro is the sizzle that gets you excited for it! We're going to help you sell that 'Sizzle' by introducing and ending your show with your own style that makes people remember you from Day 1. You provide the vocals, we design your custom intro and outro 'til it's ready to go on all platforms.

On top of that, you'll receive copyright free music letting you sleep better at night knowing that your music is being ethically used.

A Cure for the Fiverr Gamble

Every podcast needs visual assets to promote the show. But you shouldn't waste your valuable time and money searching for random strangers online in hopes that one might give you decent work. That's why you get your own professionally-designed visual assets that will be yours to tweak 'til it's perfect—ROI guaranteed. It's completely yours to promote yourself on whatever social media platform fits you best. Out graphics team will also set you up with visual content to tease each new episode on social media before they release.

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go?

Not having a 'hosting platform' is like putting on your best suit and then jumping straight into bed — you get nowhere. Your podcast needs somewhere to live in order to get on major platforms like iTunes and Spotify.

We want everyone to see that hand tailored suit! So let's get you set up with the industry leader!

There are a lot of hosting platforms but none can match the price, value, and safety that comes with Libsyn Pro. It has everything you need: basics like uploading audio and show notes — to the advanced like ID3 tagging, SEO generation, and website links — are all there in one, easy to manage dashboard.

You'll get your first 30 days on the platform free with the option to subscribe if you love it (...and trust us, you will).

Worried About People Not Being Able to Find Your Podcast?

We've got you covered. You want to get out there and have people be able to find you before finding anyone else — so here's the secret: PodPage. It's a simple and powerful tool, programmed to make sleek looking landing pages that capture people's attention.

PodPage will hold each episode's full show notes giving the 'Google gods' the ability to SEO your content. This is what's going to push your show out in front of anyone who doesn't have a dedicated podcast dashboard like you will.

After we set you up with your first 30 days, you'll also be able to engage directly with your listeners through their mailing list, comments, and voicemails.

In the end, you'll be giving your listeners a seamless and exciting user experience with a page so slick, they won't want to click off.


All of our clients have successfully started up their podcasts and you can be one of them!

See for yourself how Podboxx paved the way.

Your Move!
Help us help you. As long as you work with us to get all necessary pieces required to give you back complete digital assets — we promise to get your show everything it needs to get up and running within 30 days— Satisfaction Guaranteed. If within that time, you aren't 100% confident to get your show on the road, we'll have our team work with you to help get everything in place.

If within 30 days you find an issue with any of the hardware included in the Podboxx (i.e. mic, headphones, or cables), we will be happy to replace them for you with no additional charge.