Post-Production Done for You!

You could have a Post-Production team dedicated to your show!

Imagine getting your episodes fully produced and released for you while you focus on building out more content!

Professional Podcast Editing at an Affordable Price

Ask yourself this, would you rather pay up to $649 for only audio services or $279 for the same audio services plus everything a podcast needs? There’s no contest!

Our team of professionally trained producers does this for EVERY SINGLE EPISODE:

Why should you outsource your editing?

You value a professional audio engineer and a content director (two live people!) listening to every episode before it hits the airwaves.

You don’t want to hear about vocal compression, channel balancing, plosives removed, midroll placements, background noise reduction, equalization, “ums” and “uhs,” intro/outros with seamless transitions, id3, metadata tagging… oh we could go on with a list twice this long! You don’t even want to hear all that… but you love that every iota of it is handled for you every. single. episode.

You love cool bumper music, professionally mixed, at the highest resolution.

You jam with show notes optimized for SEO… it makes you smile and helps you engage with your audience better!

Your episode, titles, album artwork, and SEO tags are uploaded to your hosting service, you feel the love, you know you have guaranteed go-live times… while you take a nap! Who gets that life???

Flexible Plans for All

Whether you're just getting started or a veteran at podcasting, we've got the plan to meet your content production needs!

Each package includes the same features, they just allow for more or less content to be edited. Each package includes podcast hosting, audio editing, id3 tags, SEO optimized show-notes, a graphic to share on social media, and uploading to the hosting platform.

120 Minutes of Raw Audio - $279

New to podcasting? This package may be perfect for you. This will allow you to learn on the go and hone your craft at a rate of one release a week with 20 to 30 minute episodes.

240 Minutes of Raw Audio - $379

You’ve been at it a while, you have a following and you want to get out some more awesome content. We’ve got you covered!

360 Minutes of Raw Audio - $479

We get it, you’re not playing around. You have several different podcasts, long show formats, or paying clients who expect regular content. Let’s make it happen!

Add-ons Available

Chick-fil-a ain’t the only place that gives you options. Don’t just go for the chicken, let’s add some sauce. When you schedule your onboarding call with a team manager, you'll have the option to add one or all of these extra services to whatever package you choose to give your show some spice:

Video Editing
Video Bytes

Still have questions?

Here are a few podcasts that we edit regularly

The Innovation Meets Leadership Podcast


Streamlined Podcasts is my secret weapon for growing my podcast. When I partnered with them, they helped me take what I do to a whole new level. Their sound engineers are excellent, and their turnaround time is phenomenal. They provide 5-star service every step of the way. They have not missed a beat and I’m so excited to be a customer. When you include the high-quality of the graphics, it makes it worth every penny. I can scale my podcast because of Streamlined.

Natalie Born

The Ultimate Shift Podcast


Streamlined Podcasts has made it possible for me to have a podcast. Running two companies doesn’t leave me with much time and my dream has always been to host a podcast. Without Streamlined Podcasts it wouldn’t be possible for me. The online platform is simple and easy to use! I simply record the show upload it and within a day or so they have it uploaded to all platforms! Karl went over and beyond for me when we had a tech glitch with the company I had hired before to make sure it was all done the right way. There is no doubt my podcast would just be a nightmare and something that causes frustration for me on the back end if it wasn’t for Streamlined Podcasts!

Ephraim Glick

The Ultimate Shift Podcast


The team at Streamlined gave me back 6 hours in my week by taking editing off my hands. I am particular and want to have all of the ums and uhs taken out and they have been able to do that for over 100 episodes at a very reasonable investment. I recommend any podcaster who wants to stop editing their podcast and writing show notes start with Streamlined as soon as they can. They will thank me later!

Jerome Myers

We Give You Our Word

Everyone at Streamlined Podcasts works tirelessly to provide a service to be proud of. We want you to love and flaunt your production team to everyone around. But if by any offchance you are not very happy and satisfied with the team, we promise to give you 100% refund on your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take your team to edit an episode?


We pride ourselves in being able to turn around any episode within two business days! If you have any add-ons to your package, please note that your turn-time will be three business days.


Can you help with podcast hosting?


Yes! We've partnered with LibsynPRO to be able to offer you best-in class podcast hosting. Podcast hosting is included with every editing subscription. If you already have a hosting platform that you love, you're free to continue to use it!


Do minutes roll-over?


No, minutes do not roll over to the next month. We have found that podcasts who consistently publish content tend to perform the best. We encourage you to stick with your publishing schedule as much as you can.


Are revisions allowed?


Yes, you may request one revision for each episode at no additional cost! This can be multiple requests but must be submitted at one time. If any additional revisions are necessary, it will be billed at a rate of $12 per revision.


Where can I see your work?

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