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Everything You Need to Start a Successful Podcast

Podboxx is the solution to any fear or uncertainty you may have around starting your own podcast.

We thought of everything you could ever need to get your show up and going, from a mic, launch guide, and advice from industry experts, to your very own coach.

No need to question if and how you should start a podcast. After Podbox, you’ll look and sound like you’ve been at it for years.


So Many Features - You’ll Wonder How We Fit Them All In One Box.

What's Inside?

Industry Standard Audio Set

In the box is a brand new mic, tested and endorsed by our own audio editors, giving you the ‘worry free’ quality you need to get started. You’ll also receive a boom arm, pop filter, noise-cancelling headphones, and all necessary cables.

Once you get set up, you’ll sound like a professional. Listen to the sample below and hear it for yourself!

A Manual You'll Actually Want to Read

To get you started up, you’ll get “The Easiest Way to Start a Podcast” – Launch Book. Inside is everything you need to know to go from ‘slow’ to ‘show’ created from industry experts.

Professionally Produced Intro, Outro, and Copyright Free Music

Introduce and end your show with your own unique style that makes people remember you. You provide the vocals, we design the magic. On top of that you’ll receive copyright free music letting you sleep better at night knowing that your music is unique and all your own.

Professionally Designed Cover Art

Your very own album art. It’s yours to do whatever you want with it. Get up to 2 revisions and all source files.

Libsyn Pro Hosting Services

Well, your podcast has to go somewhere. So let’s get you set up with the best! 


We’re really excited about this one! Your PodPage syncs with the RSS feed of your podcast in order to automatically add episodes to your “podcast website or podpage,” giving your listeners a seamless and exciting user experience. Maybe it’s better you SEE it rather than hearing about it. For some inspiration, check out the image from one of our own clients, Podpage.

Also Includes:
  • 30-day social media launch content calendar
  • FREE 30 Days with our proven post-production services.

At Streamlined Podcasts we don’t just stick you with a box and send you on your way. After you get all set up and start making content, our team of dedicated producers are at your service. If you choose to subscribe to Steamlined Services we will produce your audio, show notes, and graphics for each episode. Just sit back and watch the magic happen.

Want More?
Get the
MAX Boxx



Everything in the Founder’s Boxx plus four coaching calls.

Get started down the right path from the get-go with professional guidance. Ask any and all questions relating to your unique and specific needs.

Session 1: Mechanics

- Build things with a firm foundation! In this session you will gain key insights and best practices on podcast structure, release schedule, and audience targeting. Work together to build your name/brand, and other elements you’ll need to make sure you have a successful launch

Session 2: Recording Setup, and Finding Guests

- Let’s start recording! In this session you’ll learn everything you need to know to make recording easy, clean and Streamlined.

- You’ll also get coached on how to reach out to guests for interviews as well as actionable steps to get you organized with goals and deadlines.

Session 3: Art of the Interview and Marketing Your Podcast

- Here you will focus on best interview practices, and marketing strategies. This is where rubber meets the road in terms of rounding out what your podcast will sound and look like, and how to draw your audience into it. 

Session 4: Final Checks and Blast Off

- You’re more than ready to get going and sound like you’ve been podcasting for years on your very first episode. After that first episode is live, we’ll sit back for the ‘after game review’ and adjust for your long term success.

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For questions, clarifications, custom orders or to see more what we have to offer, our team of dedicated and knowledgeable personnel are working round the clock to answer queries as soon as possible.