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This is for all the podcasters who worry their show isn't making the impact that it could...

Need help taking your podcast to the next level?

You’ve been committed to growing your podcast for awhile! You’ve managed to consistently get your message out there, BUT you know that there’s more that could be done to really make your podcast stand out…

We’ve got the magic bullet! We’ve helped hundreds of podcasters who’ve been in your shoes and we have created a 15 point podcast audit in order to make sure you’re set up to maximize your podcast!

On the audit, here are a few things you can expect us to analyze:

This podcast audit is 100% FREE!

After this quick 15 minute call, we guarantee you’ll come away with the recipe for success to capitalize on audio quality, content, and reach. 

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What to expect from this Audit..

We'll analyze the audio that you've published so far. We'll be looking for ways you can improve the audio quality, flow of the episodes, and overall listenability.

We'll make sure you aren't leaving any SEO loopholes on the table. We'll check out your id3 tags, shownotes, and backlinks

We will analyze your overall reach strategy. Are you showing up everywhere you need to? Is your branding consistent across all platforms?

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