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Everything in the founder’s box plus four calls with Your own Coach to Help You Every Step of the Way​

As the Founders of Podboxx, before we became professional podcasters and started our own business, we were sitting right where you were.

So much information and steps to go through and really no indication of where to start. All four of us struggled for over a year to get even a single episode out.

Within that time we had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on classes and masterminds, piece of equipment after piece of equipment, and so much of our time on trying to figure out things like hosting platforms and visual assets.

All that effort got us to where we are today, but we don’t believe you have put yourself through the same struggle. We are here to give you the guidance we so desperately needed to help you go from unsure to ‘ready to go’ in only four sessions.

Why go Max?

Everyone needs a good coach to get started. They help push you in the right direction, give you the accountability to be consistent, and pull the greatness out of you all while helping you avoid beginner missteps.

Get years of curated key insights and best practices given to you with each session!

You can’t build anything without a firm foundation. You will gain key insights and best practices on podcast structure, release scheduled, and audience targeting. You’ll also work together to build your name/brand, and other elements you’ll need to make sure you have a successful launch.

Our guiding hand to help you hit that big red record button.

Arguably the most daunting of all podcast tasks is hitting that record button and getting some good audio. You’ll learn everything you need to know to make recording easy, clean, and Streamlined. 

You’ll also get coached on how to reach out to guests for interviews as well as actionable steps to get you organized with goals and deadlines.

Eradicate all nerves and ambiguity around interviewing and drawing in an audience!

We’ll help you on best interview practices, and marketing strategies. This is where rubber meets the road in terms of rounding out what your podcast will sound and look like, and how to draw your audience into it.

By the last session you’ll feel and sound like a Pro!

We always make sure that you are more than ready to get going by your very first episode. After that first episode is live, we’ll even sit back with you for the ‘after game review’ and adjust for your long term success.

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