Streamlined Podcasts

Meet The Team

The Founders of Streamlined Podcasts

Four dudes who didn’t even know each other a year ago…

So what happened?

 We had one thing in common that led to the magic. Each of us was committed to growing, learning, and getting better. Vegas Baby! Nope, not for a bachelor party or a crazy weekend away. Each of us found our way to Vegas because of our mutual friend and mentor, Travis Chappell. He sponsored an event for people who were striving to be better and willing to put in the work. 

“Dude, That’s Kind Of Vague.” 

I know, right? 

This event was for those who were committed to networking in a better way. 

We were there to add value to others and help them be successful. 

Seriously, check it out: If you gather some sharp people together to hear from world class talent, eat at cool places, hang out at evening house parties and chill together at Top Golf….  good things are going to come out of it.

All Four Of Us Re-Upped For Travis’ Mastermind… We All Wanted To Take It To The Next Level.

You start kicking around your common problems, possible solutions, business ideas, and then, the most beautiful part… no one was selfish!  

I think it started with Kevin….. who talked about it with Rob…who said he wanted to launch a business with Hans…and Kevin thought about launching a business with Karl who we all loved because he’s genius… 

The result is Streamlined Podcasts—because each of us is a podcaster and we’ve experienced the same headaches you have!



An entrepreneur at heart, Kevin is always in the search for the next big innovation that can help solve problems and make life easier for everyone. His podcast will take you on a journey through the stories of various entrepreneurs all over the world. Kevin believes that ‘going all in’ is the key to success.



As a leadership expert, Rob spends his days as a Mergers & Acquisitions adviser and helping organizations and individuals grow from the inside. He is passionate in helping leaders grow everyday and his podcast serves as a channel for that passion. Oh, and he’s been to over 100 of the restaurants from the “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” TV Show on the Food Network.



An expert in the sales industry, Karl has never missed a quota and that’s because he is extremely dedicated and set on maximizing his potential in each area of his life. His podcast is an instrument he used to launch a social movement around free content that helps people understand more about how true fulfillment can be achieved in life when they use their time as an asset.



A top real estate agent for high performing Bay Area Professionals, an Olympic Rower, and a podcaster for driven people who want more from life. His days consist of hustling for his clients in Alameda, Oakland, and Piedmont, having compelling conversations with thought leaders on his podcast, or tearing it up with his Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy on the East Bay trails.