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Excellent Value Pricing

We partner with you based on how many minutes you use per month.





120 minutes per month + Libsyn Pro Subscription

Most podcasters start with a weekly episode that is between 20 and 30 minutes. This would be perfect.





240 minutes per month + Libsyn Pro Subscription

As your podcast episodes get longer, or as you produce more episodes, you get twice the time but without going broke.

Crushing It!




360 minutes per month + Libsyn Pro Subscription

We have some professional clients that are doing 3 different podcasts! Others are doing long-format shows. We just keep bringing the value for them!

“Overages are billed at 0.99 cents/minute. For additional minutes, contact us for a custom quote.”

You’re a Good Fit If..

  • You value an audio engineer and a content director (two live people!) listening to every episode, before it hits the airwaves.
  • You don’t want to hear about vocal compression, channel balancing, plosives removed, midroll placements, background noise reduction, equalization, “ums” and “uhs,” intro/outros with seamless transitions, id3, metadata tagging… oh we could go on with a list twice this long! You don’t even want to hear all that… but you love that every iota of it is handled for you every. single. episode.
  • You love cool bumper music, professionally mixed, at the highest resolution.
  • You jam with time-stamped show notes optimized for SEO… it makes you smile.
  • Your Social Media team handles your podcast Instagram, Facebook, and Linked-In posts!!! Graphics to the perfect sizes, hashtags suggested… wait, seriously? Who can I high-five?
  • Your episode, titles, album artwork and SEO tags are uploaded to your hosting service, you feel the love, you know you have guaranteed go-live times… while you take a nap! Who gets that life???

So… are you a good fit?